4 January 2014

REVIEW: Natural Collection products!

I personally love a bargain and when I first tried Natural Collection a few years back I was pleasantly surprised by just how good this brand is! This brand is available from boots in the UK and I believe all the products in the brand cost £1.99

I personally think the stand out products from this brand are their moisture shine lipsticks, I currently have two shades, Apple Blossom, which is a pale peachy pink colour, and Raspberry, which is a bright pinky red colour, both these shades are very pigmented and either contains any shimmer (which I am personally very happy about!), although, if you do like shimmer in your lipsticks, the range includes some shimmery shades too. They are comfortable to wear and have a good lasting power considering they are moisturising. The best part is that these lipsticks are only £1.99!
Top: Apple Blossom
Bottom: Raspberry

Another product I really like from this brand are their blushers, I have one in the shade Pink Cloud which is a matte, light pink. One potential downside to these blushers is that they are not the most pigmented, for me this isn't really a problem as I like very subtle blush, however, they may be disappointing for some, so if possible, I would swatch these in store before you buy.

The final and probably most disappointing product I currently own from this brand is the Duo eyeshadow in the shade Mink/Sable. The darker shade is a pretty light shimmery brown, which is the best shade out of the two. The lighter shade, however, doesn't really show up. It would make a decent highlight shade if you light very subtle highlight shades, but as an eyeshadow I am not too impressed.

Another product that I don't actually own any more (I threw it out as it did not work at all for me) is the colour foundation, I should have guessed it wasn't going to be fantastic as it only costs £1.99, and to be honest I don't know what I was thinking buying this foundation, I bought the lightest shade, which is porcelain and it was very orange and dark, not only that but it was very shiny, even on me and I don't have particularly oily skin. I also found that this made me break out which rarely happens as I don't really have sensitive skin. In short I just didn't get on with this foundation.
Overall I think this is a very good, affordable brand, not everything is perfect, but I guess you can't really expect perfection for £1.99 a piece. I will definitely continue to buy Natural collection lipsticks as I think they are incredible, I really like the blushers, the eyeshadows are okay, I'm going to try some of the more darker shades. The foundation however, I will never repurchase


  1. Haven't tried much of this brand because I wasn't too impressed with their nail polish. It chipped within the first day of applying and that was using a topcoat! Might go and treat myself to one of their lipsticks now though :)

    1. I was really surprised with their lipsticks, to be honest I wasn't expecting much but they're really good for the price :)