2 January 2014

Favourite drugstore lip products!

1. Rimmel Kate matte lipstick in the shade 101: £5.49 Buy here
I love the Kate Moss range of lipsticks for rimmel, and this is my favourite shade for everyday wear. It is a lovely soft pink colour that I think would suit lots of people. It has a matte finish but does not feel heavy or drying on the lips at all, they are reasonably long lasting, and I only had to re-apply a few times during the whole day. These lipsticks have a scent that reminds me of watermelon but it is not too strong and once on the lips I don't notice it at all.

2. Natural collection moisture shine lipstick in the shade raspberry: £1.99 available from boots stores
These lipsticks are amazing, for only £1.99 they are incredibly pigmented and are very comfortable on the lips. One thing that usually bothers me about really cheap lipsticks is that they are often sheer and shimmery, these however, are completely different, as far as I'm aware, some of the shades are shimmery but they have a good selection of cream finish shades too, and this is one of them. It is a pretty pinky red shade that is very buildable. This lipsticks are long lasting and after a few hours they begin to feel a little drying, but by applying a balm or reapplying the lipstick, they feel very comfortable again. These lipsticks are so good I'm planning on buying more shades from the range, for £1.99 you can't go wrong.

3. Manhattan glossy lipstick in the shade 59S
I actually bought this lipstick from Fragrance Direct a while back and since then I can't seem to find it anywhere, and so I'm just going to be quick here. This lipstick has the perfect texture, it feels so buttery and has a very balmy texture and a high shine. This shade is the perfect nude for me, a peach/pink shade that is a "my lips but better" colour. In short it is the perfect daytime lipstick.

4. Elf studio matte lip colour in the shade natural: £3.75 Buy here
This is another nude lip colour for me, it is slightly heavier than any of the other products mentioned, but is very long lasting on the lips. Another plus point with this product is that it is very easy to use, it looks like a lip liner which makes it easy to draw precise lines around the lips, it is also creamy enough and doesn't drag when applied to the lips. The shade is similar to the above lipstick and with gloss, a similar colour and finish can be achieved.

5. Maybelline baby lips in the shade cherry me: £2.99  Buy here
There's not much to say about this, originally I wasn't too fussed about these, and didn't really understand why people were getting so worked up over a lip balm. However, after trying this shade, I totally understand why, they smell lovely, give a subtle tint of colour and are hydrating and moisturising on the lips. I highly recommend these, for £2.99 they are definitely worth a try.

6. Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker gloss in the shade punchbowl: £9.00
This is on of my favourite lip glosses. I don't usually like lipgloss at all, but I got this for Christmas and I have to say, it's amazing. It is a plumping lipgloss so if you don't like that tingly feeling on your lips, this may not be for you. I also like the pigmentation of this gloss, one reason I usually hate lipgloss is that although the colour may look lovely in the tube, I never seem to be able to get the same colour on my lips, instead just getting a sheer slippery mess. This one however, looks beautiful on. I'm very happy I have this as I would never have tried it myself but I am certainly very impressed!

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