30 December 2013

Favourite hand creams!

I don't know about you but this time of year the weather in England isn't very kind to my skin, and so I find myself buying an abundance of creams, for the face, body and hands. I have tried quite a few hand creams this year, as they have been needing that extra something to make them super soft. These creams are the ones I've been trying this year, and I have to say, they're all really good!

1. Rituals Miracle Balm: £10 for 75ml
This has the thickest texture, and so I tend to use it before going to bed to allow it to sink into the skin. After using it I find that my hands feel so much softer. I also feel that, unlike many creams, the miracle balm does not leave a greasy residue on the hands - instead it has a very silky texture that feels lovely. Another positive thing about this product is the smell, it has a floral, fresh scent that isn't artificial at all. I personally would get more use out of this product in the winter, as I feel it may be too heavy for the summer, but for the colder weather it is definitely one of my all time favourites!

2. Yves Rocher collection cacao: £1.95 for 75ml
This is the cheapest of the bunch, and it just shows that things don't always have to be expensive to be high quality! This hand cream has a nice texture that sinks in to the skin quickly and is also fairly moisturising, if you use too much it does tend to leave a slightly greasy residue, so use sparingly. Another problem I have with this is the scent, it has a rather strong smell of play dough when first applied and although the smell does fade eventually, it lingers longer than I would like. I should add that I received this in a glossy box, and would probably not have chosen this particular scent myself (I got Cacao and Pistachio nut). Apart from the scent, this is a lovely option for those on a budget, and I believe they come in a few other scents, which sound lovely.  

3. Chanel Nourishing and Rejuvenating hand cream: £40 for 75ml
This is by far the most expensive in the bunch, and it is the most beautiful. It has a lovely texture that leaves hands noticeably softer immediately after use. It is not at all greasy and instead leaves the hands feeling silky. This is a great one for all year round as it isn't thick and yet is still extremely moisturising. So, is it worth the high price tag? Yes. If I had the money to go around spending £40 on hand creams, I would most certainly buy this one. Sadly, though, I don't have that much money just to spend on a hand cream and so will probably not repurchase this. (I feel I should probably add that this was a gift from my boyfriend, and that I didn't actually purchase this).

4. Soap and Glory hand food: £5 for 125ml 
This is probably one of the most well known on this list, and rightly so, for me it ticks all the boxes, it smells beautiful, the texture is lovely, it is very moisturising, it does not leave hands feeling sticky and it is not overpriced. It has the original pink Soap and Glory fragrance scent (it's the same smell as The Righteous butter and Clean On Me, to name a few) which is one of my favourite Soap and Glory fragrances. I absolutely love this and I don't have to feel bad whenever I buy a new one, at £5 you honestly can't go wrong with this product!
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